Porsche has created a luxury 41-meter yacht

Porsche has created a luxury 41-meter yacht

November 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Royal Falcon One is a luxury yacht from Porsche. In the design of the “spaceship on the water”, similar elements can be found with sports cars of the German automaker’s 911 model.

Take a look at this super yacht designed by Porsche. She appeared on sale “low mileage” and is very luxurious.

The idea of ​​creating a Royal Falcon One at Porsche came right after the departure of the Royal Navy of Singapore to the design studio FA Porsche, a subsidiary of the German brand. Subsequently, they discussed the idea of ​​creating a “spaceship on the water.” As a result, they assembled a 41-meter luxury yacht. It is made in the style of a multi-tiered catamaran, this allows you to place cabins on the main deck or above it, and not from below, as in ordinary single-chamber yachts. Zaman, the CEO and President of Royal Falcon Fleet M.A., stated that the design of the Royal Falcon One was created with an original design to be different from other yachts. It is worth noting that the company coped with this excellently.

In total, Royal Falcon One has cabins for guests located on the main landing, as well as luxury and VIP cabins on the upper landing. For members of the crew of 10 people cabins are provided in two outer hulls of the yacht.

The luxurious interior of the yacht uses a color palette of white, gray and black shades. Smooth, curved lines somewhat resemble the image of the aesthetics of Porsche design, which can be seen in 911 models. Dear guests – free-form leather sofas, a jacuzzi on the upper deck, the main hall with a backlit bar and a panoramic viewing platform, as well as a private open deck.

The Royal Falcon One was built in Sweden and is equipped with two 2300-horsepower diesel engines capable of supporting a cruising speed of 15 knots (27.8 km / h) and reaching a maximum speed of 35 knots (64.8 km / h). The cost of a yacht can be found out only after submitting an application for its purchase.