Porsche has become the most popular premium brand in the UK

Porsche has become the most popular premium brand in the UK

December 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

JBR Capital, a direct lender specializing in financing premium cars, has identified major trends in the financing of prestigious cars this year in the UK. The most popular brand was the German Porsche, and the most popular car was the Lamborghini Aventador LP 770-4 SVJ.

The average car cost of all cars funded by British lender JBR Capital this year was £ 96,000, with Porsche becoming the most funded manufacturer, ahead of the Italian Ferrari. The latter accounted for 34 percent of all payments for supercars valued at over 250,000 pounds .

German, British and Italian manufacturers were the most popular this year in the UK, and the average

The age of the prestigious car was 13 years old. About 39 percent of JBR Capital’s customers are in London.
The most frequently funded supercar in 2019 was the Italian Lamborghini Aventador LP 770-4 SVJ.

“Some Lamborghini models are indeed capable of keeping their value well for many years and continue to be in demand even under adverse financial conditions,” said Darren Selig, Executive Chairman of JBR Capita. “A striking example of this is the Lamborghini Veneno, which was sold for 6.8 million pounds at a Bonhams Bonmont auction in Switzerland in September this year.”

  “One significant trend we are seeing this year is that prestigious electric cars like the Tesla Model S, X and 3 are starting to gain momentum in terms of popularity,” he added. “Of course, we get more requests for financing electric vehicles – with this trend, of course, it looks like it will continue until 2020 and beyond.”