Porsche has a wristwatch

Porsche has a wristwatch

July 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Porsche has a special Porsche Design division that produces branded accessories. This time, Porsche Design masters created unique watches, the final appearance of which is created by the buyer himself.

Porsche now has a wristwatch that has the full right to be called a true exclusive. Over half a million of the most various configurations have been developed for them!

For the most inexpensive copy you have to pay $ 6,000. The maximum price tag for the original new product reaches $ 12,600. Porsche’s new wristwatch will be available starting September 1st.

The series will have limited status, and the watch itself will receive a dial with a chronograph. The strap at the request of the client can be metal or leather.

A special online configurator has appeared on the Porsche Design website, containing 1.5 million different combinations of leather, stitches, metal finishes and even mechanisms that will make them look like rims on a customer’s car. Having decided on the appearance of his purchase, the client sends the created configuration to the local dealer and pre-orders.

Recall that earlier the Germans produced watches in collaboration with the manufacturers of these accessories. Since 2014, the concept has changed: Porsche Design launched its own production. This has helped to bet on uniqueness.

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