Porsche Exclusive unveils unique Taycan Turbo body kit

Porsche Exclusive unveils unique Taycan Turbo body kit

November 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A new sports sedan with an all-electric Porsche Taycan installation began to attract the attention of tuners. The Porsche Exclusive court atelier has already introduced its own body kit for the Turbo version.

Judging by the official photos from Porsche Exclusive, the new body kit on a silver car does not greatly distinguish the tuning version from the usual one. Green Taycan is more expressive due to the presence of carbon parts. Although any version of the Porsche Taycan called “normal” with an initial cost of $ 150,000.

 Both cars received 21-inch aerodynamic wheels, modified optics with cold blue DRLs, carbon fiber lining on the mirrors, a luminous Porsche lettering, and a black Taycan Turbo nameplate. Do not forget about the salon. The interior has new carbon fiber linings, new seat belts, a new Sport Chrono instrument on the front panel, as well as a new color scheme for the electronic instrument panel.

 As a power unit, a twin-engine layout is used. The front engine directly transmits torque to the wheels. It is designed for quiet urban operation, or to maintain speed on the highway. The rear engine is paired with a two-stage planetary transmission. It is used for heavy loads, active acceleration, as well as in all sports modes. Maximum power ranges from 625 to 760 horsepower, depending on the version. Acceleration to 100 km/h takes only 2.5 seconds in the most powerful version.

The cost of a package of improvements has not yet been announced. It can be assumed that the price tag will be above $ 10,000.

Meanwhile, Porsche will release its own hypercar with an engine from Formula 1. The company decided to create its own competitor for Mercedes-AMG One.