Porsche does not consider Tesla a direct competitor

Porsche does not consider Tesla a direct competitor

April 15, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

While the American company Tesla is chasing sales, the German Porsche is striving for exclusivity. The representative of the German brand says that the brand will not compete with Tesla – the companies have different tasks.

Porsche Taycan is only the first step in the movement of the German brand towards the electrification of its lineup. And this movement includes the appearance of several models, such as the high-performance station wagon Taycan Cross Turismo, which will go on sale next year, as well as the electric version of the Macan crossover and even the electric sports 718. Porsche says that the American electric car manufacturer, Tesla, is not is a competitor to him.

 Michael Steiner, head of research and development at Porsche, said he did not consider Tesla a direct threat. Unlike Porsche, Tesla “aims to achieve high sales volumes.” Steiner points to more massive cars, such as the Model 3 sedan, implying that Porsche will never make cars of this segment.

 And it’s quite clear that just by looking at the prices of the Porsche Taycan electric sedan, Porsche has little interest in Tesla’s approach to the mass market (at least for now).

The base price of Taycan in the USA is 103 800 dollars, and more powerful versions of Turbo and Turbo S cost 150 900 and 180 000 dollars. Meanwhile, Tesla is asking for a reasonable $ 39,990 for Model 3, and even Taycan’s closest competitor, Model S, costs “only” $ 79,990.

 In terms of battery technology and range on a single charge, Porsche also has no plans to follow Tesla. Steiner notes that the German company is pleased that their most efficient Taycan can travel only 323 km on a single charge compared to Tesla’s Long Range Model S, which can travel 600 km. Instead, Porsche promises smaller, lighter batteries that can charge faster.