Porsche does not consider electric cars ready for serious racing

Porsche does not consider electric cars ready for serious racing

December 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Recently, there are more and more electric supercars and sometimes they openly surprise with their capabilities. Even the urban Tesla Model S set a world record on the racetrack. Despite all this, the head of Porsche Motorsport Frank-Steffen Walliser does not believe in electric cars when it comes to real Formula 1 races.

Porsche research has shown that solid state battery technology is not developing as fast as originally expected. This puts an end to the use of some developments, since the production volumes were unsatisfactory. The company’s new plan is based on the use of an advanced hybrid gasoline-electric transmission, which was developed several years ago by Porsche Motorsport.

If an alternative transmission plan is implemented, the new Porsche hypercar will be able to compete with the Mercedes-AMG One, which also relies on hybrid transmission technology. To confirm these plans, one can quote the words of one of the leaders of Porsche Motorsport, Fritz Entzinger, who said that since 2017 the company has commissioned a team of 40 engineers to develop a six-cylinder engine and an accompanying hybrid drive system.


At the same time, the development of the hybrid engine takes place in complete secrecy. There is evidence that initially it was conceived as a 2-liter, but now, most likely, it has a volume of no higher than 1.6 liters. A confirmation of Porsche’s plans to introduce a racing car for Formula E can be considered an increase in the share of the German manufacturer in the Croatian company Rimac, which produces electric supercars. So, the current share was 15.5%.

Ellipses in the guesses of analysts put the head of Porsche Motorsport Frank-Steffen Walliser. In his opinion, despite the fact that electric cars have already proven themselves in street conditions, the requirements for racing cars are somewhat different. First of all, this is endurance, because a supercar will need to overcome several laps of the Nurburgring. In this regard, he and the team personally have great doubts that the technology of modern electric cars is capable of this.