Porsche decided to test the strength in creating a flying car

Porsche decided to test the strength in creating a flying car

October 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Porsche and Boeing agreed on a partnership to create a compact city liner for personal use. The future aircraft is in the early stages of planning. In the meantime, the joint company will analyze the potential market.

The dream of flying cars does not leave international companies alone. This time, the German brand Porsche and the American airline Boeing decided to unite to create their own premium flying transport. It is assumed that the novelty will be a compact aircraft with a small cockpit.

A conventional flying car is being developed as part of the creation of a personal city liner. At the moment, only preliminary renderings are presented. Judging by them, both companies will not depart from the classic design of aircraft. The new vehicle will receive a compact two-seater cabin, rectangular wings and two motors.

So far this is the only information available on the web. Porsche and Boeing are in the early stages of the project. Any visible results should be expected in a few years. While a joint company is being created to analyze potential demand and analyze the future market. After that, a final decision will be made on the start of the development of a personal city liner.

In addition, Porsche experts will help Americans in testing the Passenger Air Vehicle (PAV) passenger flying drone. The first tests passed back in early 2019.