Porsche dealers ask for all-wheel drive base version of Taycan

Porsche dealers ask for all-wheel drive base version of Taycan

February 12, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Sellers also complain about a shortage of Porsche, as “the biggest problem on the network right now is the lack of inventory.”

About a month ago, Porsche launched the new entry-level version of the Taycan in the US. Starting at $ 79,900, this is the least powerful and minimally equipped electric Porsche available. The Taycan is powered by a rear-mounted electric motor producing 402 horsepower and 344 Newton meters of torque.

The company’s American dealers are pleased with the debut of the new base model Taycan and expect it to help double sales of zero-emission sedans in the country. While 4,414 Taycan models were delivered to customers in 2020, Porsche plans to sell around 10,000 vehicles this year. According to dealers, this will not be possible without adding a new member to the lineup.

During a NADA meeting earlier this week, Porsche dealers asked if they could get an all-wheel-drive version of the base Taycan that would meet customer requirements. To which the automaker replied that it insists on creating a basic version of the Taycan with all-wheel drive, but it may take at least two years before it appears.