Porsche completes production of the Porsche 991

Porsche completes production of the Porsche 991

January 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The era of the most successful, diverse generation of 911 is over.

If you’re not familiar with Porsche model codes, it might be best to look away now. The last 991 (911 generation) left the production line, and for the maximum effect, the last to drop the 911 Speedster curtain cost almost 90 thousand pounds.

It was a wonderful specimen for a number of reasons. Firstly, 992 was in production a year, so this is a fairly frequent coincidence. Secondly, 991 is likely to be seen as a rather transformative chapter in the history of 911, as it was present at the event when the GT3 hardcore model switched to “automatic” and then returned to the mechanical gearbox when everyone started to complain. He found the introduction of one of the largest road versions of the Porsche ever assembled, the mighty 911 R.

He also saw the introduction of turbocharging in regular Carrera models, while the final 911 turbo engine – GT2 RS – pushed the performance mark to 700 hp. and got confused in one of the most exciting battles in the Nurburgring. The modestly tuned version ended as a road car.

The 911 millionth was also 991. And almost a quarter of that million was the outgoing generation, which, according to Porsche, was the most successful 911 out of 233,540 sold. Given the stringent CO2 rules, it would be surprising if 992 survived.