Porsche chose the five easiest sports cars in history

Porsche chose the five easiest sports cars in history

February 28, 2018 0 By autotimesnews


Porsche chose the five lightest cars in its history. For the video, the cars were taken off at the Austrian high mountain pass Grossglockner – the highest mountain in the country where motor and motorcycle races were held.

In the fifth place in the selection of the manufacturer is the coupe 2.7 Carrera RS in the modification of Sport. The 1973 production car, equipped with a 210-horsepower engine, weighs 975 kilograms. To reduce the mass from it, the rear seats, watches, door handles and even the ashtray were removed, and the front seats were replaced with the Recaro buckets.


Next comes the Porsche 906 Carrera 6 of the 1966 model, which uses fiberglass in construction. Such a machine weighs 675 kilograms. It was used by the German TV channel ZDF to shoot races on Hockenheimring.

“Top-3” opens the first winner of the brand in “Le Mans” – 356 SL. Aluminum compartment with a 75-horsepower engine, released in 1951, weighs 640 kilograms.

In second place is Porsche 718 Formel 2 from 1959. The weight of the 150-strong race car reaches 456 kilograms.

The lightest car of the brand is racing 909 Bergspyder, built on an aluminum frame with plastic body panels. The car is equipped with a 275-strong eight-cylinder engine and beryllium brake discs. Weigh a car, created for racing on the rise to the hills, only 384 kilograms.

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