Porsche Cayenne turned into an off-road monster

Porsche Cayenne turned into an off-road monster

March 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

When it comes to expeditionary SUVs, you rarely hear about the Porsche brand – even the Cayenne model, the brand’s largest and most powerful SUV.

Porsche Cayenne belongs to the class of luxury SUVs and therefore the owners, most likely, will not embark on a long adventurous trip in their car. What to say about cross country safari from Austria to South Africa.

But still in the world there was one instance – the original Cayenne, which was modified by specialists of Delta 4×4, a German tuning studio specializing in the development of off-road cars. The owner of this elevated Porsche Cayenne is Shane Oosthuisen. In an interview with Crazy About Porsche, Oosthuisen spoke in detail about his difficult journey. He worked in Austria, and when his contract ended, he went on a trip to his homeland in South Africa on a modified Cayenne.

According to the owner, it took about a year to finalize the car. During this time, the SUV received spacers to increase clearance while maintaining the standard air suspension, as well as differential lock and “lowering”. Delta 4×4 also added 20-inch Delta Klassik B rims shod in Cooper tires.

Other off-road elements include the Front Runner roof rack, which houses tents, tents and cans for an additional 40 liters of fuel. The trunk also has a lockable drawer system and a full-size spare wheel.