Porsche came up with a driver’s bed

Porsche came up with a driver’s bed

October 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In the future, such seats may appear in German-made drones

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has registered a patent for Porsche using a reclining chair. In the normal position, it does not differ from the traditional driver’s seat, and in the unfolded state forms a bed. The technology also provides a footrest instead of pedals.

It can be assumed that such chairs will appear in high-level drones, which do not require the driver to monitor the road and keep his hands on the wheel. In such machines, a person can afford to fully trust the control of the system and, for example, take a nap.

Judging by the images, such a chair has a sectional design with pronounced lateral support. The backrest is much longer than a regular car seat, so there are no headrests. However, the fact that the company has patented a chair-bed does not mean that the technology will soon be applied to production cars.

In early October, it became known that Porsche will develop a flying car with Boeing. We are talking about an electric air vehicle that could enter the small aviation market by the middle of the next decade.