Porsche all-such will not give up the diesels

Porsche all-such will not give up the diesels

February 28, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Recently it became known that Porsche stopped production of the last two diesel models – Macan S Diesel and Panamera 4S Diesel. It was also reported that the company intends to completely abandon the use of diesel engines in their cars. Now Porsche in the person of the head of sales department Detlev von Platen denied this information.

“We do not say that we refuse diesel engines,” the top manager told Automotive News Europe. – We plan to add such a motor to the range of Cayenne and, possibly, Macan too. For crossover diesel still makes sense, as buyers of such cars want an increased power reserve and torque. ”


Von Platen also noted that the flagship SUV Porsche Cayenne should receive a diesel modification before the end of this year. Although, even last fall, the head of Porsche, Oliver Bloom reported that the company is considering the possibility of completely abandoning the engines on “heavy fuel.”

Whatever it was, and earlier this month it became known that the Porsche management decided to double the amount of investment in the electrification of the model range. Instead of three billion euros, the company intends to spend six on it.