Porsche 919 Street or the unrepresented “street” hypercar

Porsche 919 Street or the unrepresented “street” hypercar

November 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A full-size clay model of 919 Street is presented as part of an advertising campaign dedicated to Porsche models that for some reason never made it into production. The car was conceived as a road analogue of the 919 Hybrid hypercar.

The German automaker’s teaser campaign, dubbed Porsche Unseen, is coming to an end. Within the framework of this project, the brand’s models were shown, which never went into the series. The most exciting of these is the full-size 919 Street clay model. This car was conceived as a road counterpart to the winning Le Mans endurance hypercar 919 Hybrid.

Created in 2017, the impressive hypercar uses the same carbon fiber monocoque and 900 horsepower hybrid powertrain as the racing LMP1, from which it also inherits proportions and wheelbase.

Remarkably, the launch of 919 Street coincides with the 20th anniversary of the Carrera GT, which Porsche is celebrating this week, which makes you wonder why the 919 Street is not becoming a production car, but remains a clay model.

The design of 919 Street is obviously inspired by the original race car. From the rounded windshield and small windows to the center fin and massive wheel arches, it really looks like a powerful LMP1. Porsche has developed a unique set of wheels and molded the headlights to a shape similar to those of the original 919 Hybrid.

The back of the clay car is missing the giant wing, but there is a full-width LED strip similar to the one used in current production Porsche cars. The top exhaust system resembles that of the 918 Spyder. The doors slide up and the rear diffuser is one of the largest we’ve ever seen on a road-going vehicle.

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