Porsche 911 will make a 700-strong rally hybrid

Porsche 911 will make a 700-strong rally hybrid

February 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

California-based Vonnen, a company that is installing additional electric motors in gasoline sports cars, along with Kelly-Moss Road and Race, which is popularly owned by its own rally restmods, have announced a general improvement project for the Porsche 911 Turbo S.

Vonnen specialists are going to supplement the German car engine with an electric motor generator, traction battery and inverter. The overall performance of the unit will increase by approximately 150 hp, exceeding the figure of 700 hp.

Turning the car into a hybrid will make it heavier by 68 kg, and, according to estimates, the developer will significantly increase the response to the accelerator pedal. At the same time, there is no information on the dynamic characteristics of the electrified 911 Turbo S.

 Looking at the computer sketch of a sports car, we can conclude that the designers of Kelly-Moss Road and Race intend to increase the clearance of the model and equip it with rally wheels. Perhaps the chassis will be strengthened. In addition, Porsche will acquire a protective frame in front, additional lighting equipment and a “racing” livery. According to the assumptions, the demonstration of the finished concept will take place this year.

 In turn, Porsche Corporation is also going to introduce a hybrid modification of the 911 based on the eighth-generation sports car in the 992 body. As experts predict, the factory electrified model will produce about 700 hp.