Porsche 911 from the 1980s are 10 years older

Porsche 911 from the 1980s are 10 years older

March 29, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The German tuning company DP Motorsport made a coupe of the earlier generation of the 1970s model from the 1985 Porsche 911 production year.

Contrary to fashion, the 1985 Carrera 3.2 Coupe of 1985 was turned into a coupe a generation older – now the car looks like the most productive variation of the first generation of the 911 – the Carrera RS of the early 1970s. For the sake of this, the tuners replaced both bumpers, all the wings, the hood and the “side” skirts.

In addition, the studio was again chrome plated and polished mirrors, side window edging, door handles and other decorative details. The only exterior detail that does not match this concept is the GT Silver Metallic body shade from the palette of the much more recent Porsche Carrera GT supercar.

 In addition, the body was decorated with several wide matte stripes of black color, and on the sides there are branded stripes bearing the Porsche inscription on the doors. In the cabin, it is worth noting the presence of retro-style bucket seats, which have a combination of fabric and artificial leather upholstery, as well as the classic Momo steering wheel 350 mm.

  For the manufacture of the lower area of ​​the front panel and door cards, wicker plastic reinforced with fiberglass was used. The car also received a modern electric power amplifier.

  The coupe was equipped with a Porsche 911 engine of even later generation 964 of the model 1989 – 1994: we are talking about a 6-cylinder boxer engine with a volume of 3.6 liters, after tuning it produces 290 hp, which is paired with a manual transmission.

 The advanced suspension consists of a set of KW Clubsport coilovers and stiffer polyurethane bushings. For authenticity, the Germans did not equip 911 with heating and air conditioning. To prevent the windshield from fogging, electric heating was integrated into it. The restomode is equipped with classic 15-inch Fuchs rims.