Porsche 356 Limousine sold at auction

Porsche 356 Limousine sold at auction

October 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Among the four hundred lots were extremely rare models – for example, the only copy of the wedding Porsche 356 Limousine.

Last weekend in the US city of Dayton, Ohio, they sold out the Taj Ma Garaj collection, owned by the late John Dixon. Among the four hundred lots were extremely rare models – for example, the only copy of the wedding Porsche 356 Limousine.

John Dixon passed away in 2013, and now his family decided to get rid of the deceased’s collection of cars. The auction was organized by experienced specialists at RM Sotheby’s. On September 28, a large number of people gathered in a garage on South Perry Street, and a lot of tormented auctioneers via the Internet and telephones – there was no such excitement at RM Sotheby’s auction for a long time. For decades, John Dixon has collected many unique things: spare parts, tools, books, brochures, calendars, paintings, scale models, sculptures, installations, items of clothing and furniture – all this was sold without reserve, that is, the family decided to sell the entire collection at once the total cost was $ 5.7 million.

Porsche 356 Limousine did not even have a preliminary estimated value, since the car is the only one that has no analogues, and therefore there is nothing to compare it with. Dixon conceived it as a wedding limousine for his daughter, and fulfilled the idea in 1953, the bodybuilder Don Boke, widely known in narrow circles. To create it was necessary to find several non-repairable Porsche 356 and “sew” of them a one-piece unique body. It differs from ordinary wedding limousines in that it was created as if it were designed by Ferdinand Porsche himself, that is, without any gag, with the historical context in mind – even Limousine inscriptions look like factory ones.

If the 356 Limousine was a prototype developed by Porsche itself, then it probably would have cost millions of dollars now, and for the incredibly beautiful work of Don Boke it was possible to gain only 207,200 dollars. For comparison, the 1957 Porsche 356 A Carrera GT Speedster with a Reutter body was the most expensive auction lot – it was purchased for $ 1,380,000, but, frankly, with all its historical value it does not look as impressive as the custom 356 Limousine. Most likely, this wedding rarity will pop up at auctions more than once and will increase in price significantly over time.