Pope got a new official car

Pope got a new official car

October 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Pope Francis’s car fleet has been replenished with a new car – we are talking about the hydrogen sedan Toyota Mirai.

The Pontiff chose hydrogen transport to draw the attention of mankind to environmental problems. His Mirai underwent modernization: the roof was removed, a special frame and footboards were installed for protection.

The Pope’s car stands out from the rest of the Mirai: it received a modified interior, the second-row seats gave way to a single seat, which was installed on a high pedestal, along with this there is no usual roof – it was removed to accommodate a glass canopy.

As for the papamobil’s interior, there are no luxury elements, there are no electrical adjustments either. We can note the presence of only a retractable ladder for a comfortable embarkation / disembarkation.

Note that the hydrogen Mirai was presented to the pontiff by the local heads of the Japanese brand. As for the technical equipment of the Mirai for the Pope, it remains the same, that is, the model is still equipped with a power unit with a capacity of 154 hp. (335 Nm), a tank that can hold 5 kg of hydrogen, which is enough to cover a distance of 500 km.

In addition, it was recently noted that the Japanese corporation Toyota may withdraw from production of the Land Cruiser next year. It should be emphasized that the current generation of the Japanese model has been produced since 2007.