Pontiac Trans Am from the movie with Steve McQueen was forgotten in the barn for 39 years

Pontiac Trans Am from the movie with Steve McQueen was forgotten in the barn for 39 years

December 24, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

One of the two cars involved in the shooting was presented to a local

Illinois resident Harold McQueen 39 years later decided to part with a unique car. Until recently, one of two copies of Pontiac Trans Am, who starred in the movie “The Hunter” starring Steve McQueen, was kept in his garage.

In the 80s during the shooting of the film Harold helped with the transportation of cars from one location to another. In total, two cars were shot in the film, and both were screened by the explosion. Since the first version of the destruction of the machine seemed to the director not effective enough, it was decided to re-shoot the scene and use the second Trans Am.


As a payment for helping Harold, they wrote off what was left of the first car. In fact, a pile of iron, as the stuntmen and pyrotechnics almost destroyed the sports coupe. In addition, the transfer of the car caused the discontent of the Pontiac company itself, as the management was afraid that after the restoration the car would be operated on ordinary roads.

However, the plans for the restoration was not destined to come true. After 39 years, Trans Am was still in the same place where the film crew had left him. Inspecting the car experts found remnants of mounting the safety cage, a modified dashboard and devices for the organization of the explosion. The accompanying documents also confirmed the authenticity of the machine.

In March of this year, a 1968 Ford Mustang was found at a dump in the Mexican desert, participating in the shooting of the film “Bullitt” with Steve McQueen. Under the paint chips of the Mustang, the original green color was found, and in the cabin there were traces of a cut out safety cage and a hole in the floor for the exhaust pipe of the generator that fed the lighting devices in the car during the shooting.