Pontiac Firebird Coupe Receives Two Huge Turbines

Pontiac Firebird Coupe Receives Two Huge Turbines

January 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

This time, enthusiasts decided to purchase an old Pontiac Firebird of 1984 for $ 700, on the carburetor of which two jet engines were later installed.

By jet engines, we actually mean turbines, which are apparently acquired at a local hardware store and are connected to the engine by an aluminum duct and fixing tape. So this invention can be called a “home” turbo.

Electricity is supplied to the blades, and the driver can turn on special turbines inside the car thanks to the toggle switch mounted on the cardboard. Yes, yes, on cardboard, this is the maximum budget project.

Samodelkin conducted a little testing to prove that the turbo, which can be built from improvised means can really work and give an increase in engine power. Using a portable dino-stand, we managed to find out that the increase in power was an impressive 72 hp. Under the hood, a 1984 Pontiac Firebird has an old V8 without a turbine.

All this is certainly good, but … After the next check-in, the modified car could not stand it – the engine failed. I must say that the coupe with two turbines sounded very interesting, no, not cool, but … funny.