Pontiac Aztek SUV images published

Pontiac Aztek SUV images published

March 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Many have tried, many have failed. Until today, upgrading Aztek and its specific proportions has seemed futile.

The web has published a great rendering of Aztek. Studio Abimelec Design shared its work through its official page on Facebook. With a green tint, Aztek looks suitable for military use.

In fact, it is clear that this is what made this rendering work. The attractiveness of the armored vehicles creates the crazy proportions of this Pontiac SUV because, frankly, military vehicles look a little disproportionate.

Another thing worth paying attention to is the set of huge wheels that come in black. New tires improve another Aztek problem – the small rims that he once had. With a few off-road “touches” here and there, this fictional Aztek may well pass for the most attractive Aztek.