Police pursuit with shooting from the first person – steeper than any shooter!

Police pursuit with shooting from the first person – steeper than any shooter!

July 18, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

A spectacular video posted on the network police in Las Vegas. Guardians of the order chased the two assassins, trying to neutralize them.

The incident occurred on June 16 in the center of Las Vegas. The video of the pursuit with shooting was published, as reported, “for instructive purposes” – they say, that’s what the murderers and scumbags are waiting for!

The police officer on the crossover Ford Police Interceptor Utility saw on the road a description of the stolen SUV Ford Expedition, in which two criminals, 22-year-old Fidel Miranda and 30-year-old René Nunes, tried to hide from the police. Young people committed a severe murder the day before, that is, they were armed and very dangerous. They fired at police cars that pursued them 34 times. The cops released 31 cartridges to the criminals. In the main, the shootout was conducted by 43-year-old officer William Uman. In the video you can see how he shoots several times from Glock’s desk in the windshield of his car to stop the car of criminals. In the end, he succeeds, Expedition crashes into the school building.

Then the video clip ends, but it is known that Nunes got out of the car and was hit by a policeman’s bullet, and Miranda got behind the wheel and tried to leave the battlefield on an SUV, but received a fatal wound from the officer.

Nunes now waits for the court, after which he will go to jail for a long time, and the officers who participated in the pursuit were presented to the award for courage.