Police have destroyed the confiscated Ferrari

Police have destroyed the confiscated Ferrari

March 20, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Sports car Ferrari 458 Spider for 280 000 dollars was crushed on a dump by means of a crane. The owner of the car claims that this happened by mistake

In the UK, policemen have decided to take an example from their Australian colleagues and destroyed the confiscated sports car Ferrari 458 Spider. Video of the landfill where a $ 280,000 sports car was crushed with a crane was published by former owner of Zahid Khan car on Facebook.

According to Daily Mail, the Ferrari 458 Spider was confiscated by the police last April in Birmingham. As the driver himself explained, he had no documents with him on the car, and law enforcement officials suspected that the sport car had been stolen. After that, the car was delivered to the parking lot.

According to Khan, he bought a sports car at one of the auctions. However, while proving his right to own a car through the court, the police destroyed his car. In addition, the Briton claims that the police did not even warn him that the sports car would be destroyed in the very near future.

Earlier, the Australian police destroyed eight vehicles of illegal races under the press. The Streets were detained during a special operation in the suburbs of Melbourne, and their cars were seized by law enforcement agencies. Also, detainees will have to pay large fines.