Polestar will not, as Volvo, reduce the “maximum speed” of their cars

Polestar will not, as Volvo, reduce the “maximum speed” of their cars

March 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Polestar brand will not limit the maximum speed of its models, as the parent Volvo will do. According to the head of the company Thomas Ingenlat, this solution will help to distance the brands from each other, and the fact of any restrictions does not correspond to the Polestar philosophy.

Ingenlat is sure that the concept of maximum speed is more inherent in the world of cars with internal combustion engines than electric cars. For battery cars, this indicator is not so important, because other advantages come to the fore. In addition, announcing a decrease in the speed of their cars, Polestar will no longer be able to compete on equal terms with Tesla.

It became known earlier that within the framework of the Vision 2020 program, through the implementation of which Volvo expects to achieve zero death rate in road accidents, the Swedish brand intends to reduce the maximum speed of all its cars to 180 kilometers per hour. In addition, the company is studying the issue of combining the function of speed control and geo-zoning to automatically reduce the threshold near hospitals or schools.

Strategy Vision 2020 provides for the creation of a “super-safe” car. The Swedes believe that advanced systems will allow zero mortality in accidents by 2020. No one will die or be seriously injured in the new Volvo models.