Polestar temporarily left without a logo

Polestar temporarily left without a logo

November 10, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A French court believes that the logo of the Swedish brand could confuse consumers, as the badge looks like a Citroen nameplate.

A French court temporarily banned Polestar from using its logo in France after a three-year legal dispute over the alleged similarity of the logo to the Citroen logo ended in favor of the French brand.

Official court documents from 2017 show that Citroën’s parent company, PSA Group, has asked Volvo to stop using the Polestar logo, which consists of a pair of cross chevrons. The lawsuit alleged that the logo resembles a 121-year-old Citroën emblem with a double chevron and – by association – the logo of the premium sub-brand DS.

Volvo refused to comply, saying the logos were not alike. Citroën then filed a lawsuit with the European Intellectual Property Office, trying to prove the similarity of the two logos.

A French court has now sided with Citroën, ordering Polestar to pay the French brand € 150,000 – 0.05% of what the company spends annually on advertising in France – in addition to € 70,000 in legal costs. Polestar was also banned from using its logo in France for six months after the July 2020 court order.

The Polestar brand originally appeared in 2009 as Polestar Performance, a sub-brand controlled by Volvo. Its current logo was unveiled in 2017 when the automaker was spun off as a standalone electric vehicle manufacturer.