Polestar showed the teaser of the second model and the new multimedia on Android

Polestar showed the teaser of the second model and the new multimedia on Android

January 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Fastback with index 2 will get a 400-hp powerplant

The company Polestar showed how the interface of the infotainment system based on Android, which will first appear on its new model, the electric fastback “2”, will look like. At the same time, the brand published the second teaser of this car, which was “hidden” in one of the screens of the complex.

You can try a new multimedia complex now. For this, you need to install a special application on your smartphone or tablet. It can be downloaded from the demo site dedicated to the system.

Access to the main functions of the media complex will be provided from four tabs: activation of all-round cameras, applications, contacts and vehicle functions. Using the display, you can control climate control, the operation of electronic security systems, adjust steering parameters and energy recovery systems, as well as control power consumption.

It is expected that the multimedia will get close integration with Google services: “Maps”, “Calendar” and corporate voice assistant. In addition, it will be possible to install applications from the Google Play store.

Polestar 2 is a four-door all-electric fastback, a competitor to the Tesla Model 3. An electric car will be equipped with a power plant with a capacity of about 400 horsepower, and its power reserve per charge will be about 480 kilometers.

The first teaser for Polestar 2 was shown in early January. On it, the car is also shown on top, but only its rear part is visible with lighting equipment in the entire width of the body.