Polestar releases wireless update for Polestar 2

Polestar releases wireless update for Polestar 2

January 28, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The update should ensure that Polestar 2 is less likely to hit 0 percent power reserve and, among other things, receive Android 10. Polestar announces that a significant update for Polestar 2 will be released in February.

The most interesting thing about this update is what Polestar does with the displayed range: it is reported that the car will be able to travel about 50 km longer than the dashboard shows. In practice, this figure will be about 70 km. Obviously, there is such a buffer so that you do not just stand still, but on the other hand, react to the deterioration of the battery condition. After the update, this buffer is reduced from about 70 km to 20 km, and it is from here that the “extra” 50 km appear.

After the update, Android 10 will be installed as the operating system for multimedia. In addition, other digital enhancements will be available, including Harmann Kardon surround sound, a better 360-degree camera image, and automatic syncing of favorite contacts from the phone.

In addition, there is now Connected Safety, which receives information on potential hazards from other Polestar and Volvo models via the cloud. Finally, with the update, Polestar promises shorter DC charging times and “more stable” AC charging.