Polestar introduced the electric four-door Polestar Precept

Polestar introduced the electric four-door Polestar Precept

April 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Swedish automaker unveiled the concept of its future four-door Grand Tourer.

The all-electric concept with a sporty look is perhaps the first fully-developed Polestar car. This is not a clumsy left-hand drive hybrid like the Polestar 1, and not a slightly rethought Volvo concept like the Polestar 2, or a non-aerodynamic SUV like the Polestar 3, is an all-new, all-electric car.

“Precept is a vision of what Polestar is and what makes the brand relevant,” said Thomas Ingenlat, CEO of Polestar. “The car is the answer to the obvious challenges our society and industry are facing.” As AutoTimesNews notes, the styling of the concept is similar to Volvo: the Gothenburg lights were revised and separated from each other, and the line through the entire trunk lid makes Precept look a sci-fi car just a bit like Volvo’s S90.

Like most electric cars, the Polestar Precept does not have a radiator grill, but unlike most electric cars, the brand’s engineers decided to call this zone SmartZone. Simply put, this is exactly where Precept contains many sensors, including two radars and an HD camera. And since it is a Polestar, all sensors are covered with laboratory white glass.

Focusing on efficiency and productivity means that Precept also has many aerodynamic improvements. The cameras installed on the wings replace the mirrors, and the “front wing” on the hood is also designed to improve the aerodynamics of the model.

It is also worth noting that Polestar was one of the first automotive brands to use Google’s HMI software (Human Machine Interface), and it is perfectly integrated in the concept. In fact, Android Auto took control of the entire car. And the Google HMI system is integrated into the 15-inch screen of the multimedia complex and the 12.5-inch display of the instrument panel. Eye tracking and proximity sensors tell us that the panels react depending on what the driver is doing.