Polestar introduced a new infotainment system

Polestar introduced a new infotainment system

January 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

After the teaser is published on its new product, the guys from the Polestar company offer to download the application from their official website, with which you can try the new information and entertainment system in action.

After the company Polestar separated from the Swedish brand Volvo, she began to create their own cars. The first of these will be a model under the most difficult name “1” – it will be a hybrid coupe for 600 horsepower. The second independent car will get the name Polestar 2 – that’s just a teaser for it and was published by the press service of the brand a couple of minutes ago.

 Earlier this month, we first saw Polestar 2 in the form of roughly the same teaser. Now we know what the interior of the second car of the Swedish company Polestar will look like (partially know).

The new teaser demonstrates the high-tech interior of the Polestar 2, complete with the new Android HMI interface, which has received an infotainment system. According to the assurances of the guys from Polestar, their new “intuitive multimedia complex” can be tried right now.

  Anyone can download the official application to their smartphone or tablet – to do this, go to the site Polestar. In this application, which is called Polestar 2, you can experience everything that a new infotainment system can offer, including a smartphone-style segmented home screen. There are such popular services as Google Maps and Play Books, and even a game in the style of Space Invaders, called “Polestar Space Warp”.

  In this application, you can also choose from several driving modes – soft, medium and hard, as well as three modes of regenerative braking – off, medium or high. You can also view the “remaining” power reserve of the car, the work of such functions as helping to hold the lane, warning the camera speed control and collision avoidance.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote about the very first teaser of the all-electric Polestar 2.