Polestar Announces Winners of Its First Annual Design Competition

Polestar Announces Winners of Its First Annual Design Competition

November 15, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Swedish brand Polestar, owned by Volvo, held its first design competition. The winning projects will be “brought to life” to go on a world tour.

Design contests that are open to aspiring professional and hobby designers are not uncommon for automakers. Lexus has hosted similar events since 2013, while Rolls-Royce has been running a competition for much younger designers – a competition that kicked off at the height of the pandemic this year.

Having received various design awards, Polestar held its first design competition this year. Volvo-owned electric vehicle manufacturer has opened a competition for both professional designers and students.

The theme of the first Polestar design competition was “cleanliness, participants were invited to create a vision of future mobility”. The applicants were asked to create a new Polestar model, with the purest design and following the Polestar design philosophy.

According to Polestar, there have been hundreds of applications from India, South Korea, Japan, Germany, the United States, Sweden, Brazil, Poland and China.

Konrad Cholewka from Poland wins the Polestar design competition in the professional category. Called Polestar MMXL, his work features two geometric shapes and an inclusive stand-alone capsule with flexible interior design. Arthur Martins from Brazil received an honorary award for this Spänning electric yacht offering an alternative to traditional mobility.

The winners of the competition will receive models on a 1: 5 scale, which will be presented for the first time at a virtual exhibition. They will then embark on a world tour, performing at Polestar Spaces in China, Europe and North America.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that a new defect was found in the electric Polestar 2. Earlier, these cars already had a serious malfunction, due to which all sold cars had to be recalled.