Polestar 1: what is this and who invented it

Polestar 1: what is this and who invented it

March 7, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The court tuning studio Volvo introduced its first stand-alone model – the Polestar 1. Coupe Two-door got the landing formula 2 + 2.

The car is built on the “Volvian” platform SPA. The one that lies at the heart of the S90 sedan and the XC90 crossover. At the same time, Polestar emphasizes that the chassis is heavily reworked. And approximately 50% is a brand-new car developed by engineers at the studio.


The body of the novelty is built with the use of a large amount of carbon. Due to this it is rather light, while its torsional rigidity is 45% higher than the S90 sedan.

The coupe is equipped with a hybrid power plant with a combined capacity of 600 hp. It consists of a supercharged petrol “quartet” of 2.0 liters capacity, as well as two electric motors. And the twin pair of electric motors transfers traction exclusively to the rear axle and the torque can be distributed between the wheels not only equally but also in different proportions with the help of a special controller.

The electrical part of the power plant is powered by a block of lithium-ion batteries. The capacity of the batteries in Polestar is not disclosed, but it is claimed that the electric car can only travel up to 150 kilometers.

At Polestar 1, the technology of access to the car via a mobile phone (Phone-As-Key) will be available for the first time. This system will allow to transfer the virtual key to third parties and to open access to a whole range of concierge services.

The production of the machine will be set up at a factory in Chengdu (China). Reception of orders for a novelty is already open, however “live” cars will reach clients not earlier than October. In addition, Polestar stressed that in the future their plans include the abandonment of the traditional scheme of selling and transferring the car to customers.

Brand machines can be ordered online on the principle of a multi-year subscription. Customers will also be offered services such as the delivery of goods to the car and the ability to change the car to another within the range of Volvo and Polestar.

The company Polestar became an independent automotive brand in the summer of last year. Then it became known that the Swedes will make the main bet on the development and production of cars with hybrid and electric power plants. At the same time the company will continue to create sports packages for Volvo cars, which will be produced under the brand Polestar Engineering.

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