Pole in Rome won by Andre Lotterer

Pole in Rome won by Andre Lotterer

April 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

This weekend the capital of Italy for the second time takes the Formula E race, which will take place on a city road of a rather interesting configuration with a lap length of 2.84 km. There are practically no straight line segments, but there are 21 turns, although some sections are quite wide, so overtaking is quite possible.

In training, the best time was shown by the reigning champion Jean-Eric, however, following the results of the draw, he was in the first qualifying group, and this always reduces the chances of reaching the Superpool. However, from the further struggle in qualifying dropped not only he, but other favorites, for example, Lucas di Grassi and Sam Bird.

The qualification course was interrupted by red flags: because of a technical problem, BMW Alex Sims stopped on the track, and in order to evacuate it, it was necessary to suspend the races.

Then the fight continued, and eventually, Lotter was left to Superpoul, teammate Vernya on DS Techeetah, Mitch Evans from Jaguar, both Dragon drivers José Maria López and Max Guenther, and Sebastien Buemi from Nissan.

But by the beginning of the final session, the weather had turned bad, it started to rain, which added unpredictability to events: Buemi was the first to leave the track and was already out of the pits on the exit circle. Following the same fate befell Gunther – the asphalt really became very slippery.

However, since the cars were not injured, nothing prevented the riders from returning and making their attempts. Gunther drove the circle better than the champion of Formula E 2016, but both were ahead of Vandorn, who piloted very accurately and drove the circle almost 2.5 seconds faster. Apparently, the rain had stopped at the time of his attempt, and the asphalt had time to dry up a bit.

Confirmation of this was the result of Lopez: he drove onto the track after Vandorn and overcame the circle by 0.3 faster. One could have expected Mitch Evans to drive the circle even better – and that’s what happened, he blocked the Argentinean time by 0.4 seconds. The last word remained for an experienced Lotterer, who often remains in the shadow of his partner, but this time nothing prevented him from distinguishing himself.

And he succeeded: approximately in the middle of the circle, he made a mistake, almost losing control of the car in one of the turns, but he was so quicker than everyone that, despite the lost time, he was able to complete the circle with absolutely the best result!

Thus, Lotterer will start the race from pole position, and for the first time this season, Jaguar Mitch Evans will be on the front row of his Techeetah.