Poland will have its own electric vehicles

Poland will have its own electric vehicles

August 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Polish company “Izera” will produce electric cars.

The company “Izera” from Poland plans to start mass production of all-electric models by 2023, while specifying that the models in the “hatchback” body should be the first to leave the conveyor.

The new brand was founded back in 2016, and its name comes from the Jizera Mountains, located on the border of Poland and the Czech Republic. The company has already unveiled several prototypes of its electric cars.

The company representatives note that specialists from the Italian studio “Torino Design” were involved in the development of new electric cars, which at various times developed cars for the brands Ferrari, McLaren, Nissan and even KamAZ.

The production models will be based on a single platform that will be acquired from an unnamed brand. According to experts, the basis of the Polish novelties may be the architecture of Volkswagen – MEB.

Specifications are not reported, but it is known that from zero to hundreds of electric cars can accelerate in 8 seconds, and the power reserve will be 400 kilometers. It is noted that the new enterprise will employ 6,000 workers.