Point for the best circle – a new element of intrigue …

Point for the best circle – a new element of intrigue …

April 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Sports Director of Formula 1, Ross Brown believes the correct idea of ​​scoring an additional point for the best lap of the race.

Ross Brown: “The Battle for the best lap was an additional element of the intrigue of the final stage of the race, especially when the struggle for the position is gone and the pilots just go to the finish line.

So it was in China. With the places in the first six, everything was clear, but Pierre Gasli had a sufficient advantage over Daniel Riccardo, and in the Red Bull Racing decided to take a chance. They called the Frenchman to the pit stop – he still did not lose his position, put the soft tires – and sent to the fast lap. It was interesting to watch the timing, for how went out shows the best time in three sectors, selecting the best lap from Vettel.

Before the pit stop, we heard how the riders discussed with the teams the opportunity to compete for the best lap on worn tires, although this time no one took such a risk. We came up with this rule to please the fans, and now we see that it works. ”