Pirelli wants to give up thermal covers for tires

Pirelli wants to give up thermal covers for tires

June 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In 2021, Formula 1 will switch to 18-inch tires. The head of the auto racing division of Pirelli, Mario Isola, said that the tire makers also plan to refuse thermal covers.

“The plan is not to use thermal covers in 2021,” said Racefans, quoting Mario Isola. – We consider this factor when developing tires. I have said many times that this is not an easy technical task – perhaps even more complicated than developing tires of a different size. However, at the moment we are not planning to use thermal covers, unless some additional changes occur. ”

Today, Jerez began tests of 18-inch tires for Formula 2. Isola is confident that the collected data will help in creating tires for Formula 1: “New tires for Formula 2 have the same width as the current ones, we increased the diameter to 705 mm. We will collect useful data, but a Formula 2 car loads tires much less than a Formula 1 car. ”

Mario Isola also confirmed that the minimum tire pressure, maximum temperature and camber angle are planned to remain the same as in the current regulations.