Pirelli tests completed in France

Pirelli tests completed in France

September 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On Friday in France, on the Paul Ricard track, two-day Pirelli tests were completed, in which the Mercedes and Renault teams participated.

Esteban Okon drove 106 laps at Mercedes, testing tire prototypes for the next season. At Renault, Sergey Sirotkin completed the test of 18-inch tires for 2021, having completed 119 laps.

On this, Pirelli tests are completed during the season. In early December, all teams will be able to test Pirelli tires for 2020 at the general tire tests in Abu Dhabi.


Mario Isola, head of the Pirelli auto racing division: “We are pleased to open a new chapter on the Paul Ricard circuit, where the 18-inch tires debuted that will change the face of Formula 1. Along with this, we continued to test 13-inch tires for the next season.

For tests of 18-inch tires, Renault provided us with a test car based on the 2018 model, and Sergey Sirotkin got behind the wheel at this historic moment. We completed the program, having traveled 213 laps in two days. The work turned out to be useful, because we were able to get the first idea of ​​the new generation of tires and begin to develop a plan for their modernization this and next year.

Of course, it is difficult to draw conclusions on the test results, since it is still very early, but we have collected preliminary data in good weather conditions, and we want to thank Renault and Sergey.

Thanks to Esteban Okon and Mercedes we drove 212 laps, testing the tires for the next season. The work consisted in evaluating slick prototypes. Now we will choose the final compositions for next year’s tires. The 2020 season will be the last for 13-inch tires before moving to 18-inch tires in 2021. ”