Pirelli smart tires warn of road hazards

Pirelli smart tires warn of road hazards

November 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The future of transport is connected, when all the elements, from traffic lights to wipers, exchange information with each other. Pirelli has added another smart car component to the system – 5G tires.

For many, a tire is just a piece of rubber stretched over a wheel. However, this is one of the most important parts of a modern car, and in the future it will become even more important. The Italian company Pirelli released the Cyber ​​Tire system and became the first manufacturer in the world to teach buses to transmit data over a 5G wireless network, CNet writes.

 The system collects information while the car is moving and transfers it to the central computer, and from there to the driver. During the demonstration, smart tires warned that the road was wet and cars could lose traction.


Pirelli showed off the capabilities of the connected bus at an event in Turin with its partners Ericsson, Audi, Tim, Italdesign and KTH.

In the future, Cyber ​​Tire will be able to track the distance traveled, the dynamic load, whether there is ice or potholes on the road, exchange data with traffic lights and tell the driver how much more green will burn. A number of brands already have similar technologies, for example, some Audi models.

The company has not yet announced the start date of sales.

General Motors will equip Chevrolet Bolt series electric cars with Uptis airless wheels. According to the manufacturers, this technology will replace modern tires and tires. It is more economical to manufacture, and such a wheel will never burst on the road.