Pirelli showed a bus that connects to the Internet

Pirelli showed a bus that connects to the Internet

December 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

She will not keep you up to date with the latest news, but she will keep you safe.

Wireless capabilities are spreading in the automotive industry. Connecting to a mobile phone has become quite common, allowing you to listen to your favorite album in the car or travel to your destination. However, there have been relatively few innovations in the area of ​​wireless vehicle dynamics.

Pirelli now has a tire that can send valuable data on road conditions and other indicators, both for your car and for other motorists nearby. A coin-sized disk is installed in the Italian manufacturer’s cyber bus, which houses the sensor, processor and electronics. This disk tracks critical indicators and sends them to the car’s ECU and others in the immediate vicinity.

If your car has done aquaplaning, this can help you not to get into an accident, and also warn other drivers behind you about the danger ahead. If the tire has fallen into these adverse conditions, it can instruct the car to adjust the engine, traction or even the suspension settings. The sensor will also be able to track less important information, such as tread depth, pressure, temperature and multi-axis acceleration in tires.

While the cyber tire is designed for road use, Pirelli has installed sensor units inside the P-Zero Trofeo super-sticky tire kit. The installed sensors in the Audi A8, which is undergoing tests on a closed race track, successfully detected a puddle and transmitted information to the next Q8. Q8 received a 5g message before reaching this puddle.

Despite the fact that the technology of cyber tires was not fully implemented on the roads, it is used today in the automotive industry. The technology saves a huge amount of time for truck mechanics checking tire pressure, because they know exactly which tires need to be filled and which can be ignored. Long-term road tests have yet to be seen, but the cyber bus looks like a sure step in the direction of road safety.