Pirelli awaits one pit stop at Spa

Pirelli awaits one pit stop at Spa

September 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The strategy of one pit stop at Pirelli is considered optimal for tomorrow’s race.

The fastest scenario – after starting on Soft on laps 18-22, switch to Medium. Slightly slower: starting on Soft and switching to Hard on lap 12-14 if an earlier pit stop is necessary.

A strategy of two pit stops is also possible: a start on Soft, another set of Soft on lap 15 and a transition to Medium on the 30th. Last year, almost all the riders drove the Belgian Grand Prix with one pit stop.


Mario Isola, Pirelli: “Considering that the optimal strategy for tomorrow’s race is to start on Soft and switch to Medium, it is not surprising that in the qualification all riders went only to Soft.

Deviations from this strategy are possible due to weather or race circumstances. If at the initial stage a safety car appears on the track, then it is possible to use Hard tires or a second pit stop.

The forecast promises Sunday cooler weather than today, when the spa was unusually hot. The qualification turned out to be very dramatic, with several red flags in the first session.

A key factor in the race will be monitoring the condition of the rear tires on one of the most difficult tracks with abrasive asphalt.

Congratulations Ferrari – first and second place at the start promise an exciting race. ”