Pirelli: All three teams played an important role

Pirelli: All three teams played an important role

September 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The low pace in the first half of the race and just three safety cars in the second allowed the leaders to easily pass the race with one pit stop.

Mario Isola, head of the racing division: “A very interesting Grand Prix, the key element of which was the strategy for using tires.

In the first half of the race, we saw how the pilots control their pace, keeping the tires and fuel in this very long Grand Prix – especially since the safety car instantly destroys all the advantage. Monitoring the condition of the tires in the safety car mode played a key role, and since the safety car drove onto the track three times, this reduced tire wear.

Track in Singapore requires very good traction of the rear tires with asphalt. When setting up cars, teams load the front tires to remove some of the load from the rear.

For the favorites, starting on Soft and switching to Hard turned out to be the optimal strategy, it was used by everyone in the first seven, but all three teams played an important role in the race – we saw many options for the strategy. Congratulations to Sebastian Vettel, Charles Lecler and Ferrari on a spectacular double in an exciting race. ”