Pink Aston Martin DB11: how you can ruin the most beautiful car

Pink Aston Martin DB11: how you can ruin the most beautiful car

October 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The British supercar received this honorary title in 2017. Twenty cars competed for the victory at once, but the jury chose the DB11.

The Aston Martin DB11 is one of the prettiest cars on sale right now. It not only exudes British sophistication, but it also fits perfectly into the current model line of the automaker. However, even the most perfect car in terms of design can be turned into something very controversial.

So, in Canada, you can find an unusual copy of the Aston Martin DB11, painted in hot pink. One could still put up with this choice of color (many people like it), if not for one more thing – wheels with spokes in the shape of hearts.

Five each. It is unlikely that these are standard rims, although it is possible that they were made to order for the owner of Aston Martin. A photo of a pink Aston Martin DB11 was posted on Reddit.

Moreover, many Internet users admitted that they like the pink color of the supercar, but the disks spoil the overall positive impression.

In the meantime, one of the divisions of Aston Martin has developed a supercar called Victor. A 7.3-liter engine is used as a power plant, which is capable of developing an output of 840 horsepower.