Pininfarina speeds up the process of exiting the hypercar and crossover

Pininfarina speeds up the process of exiting the hypercar and crossover

June 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The new head of the company said that this year the Battista hypercar with a capacity of 1900 hp must reach buyers.

The new CEO of Automobili Pininfarina, a luxury car manufacturer, Per Swantesson is a veteran of the auto industry. After a series of personnel reshuffles in the brand, the new chapter noted that the foundation of the brand is to offer customers an “amazing design with revolutionary technology.”

Automobili Pininfarina plans to release 150 copies of the Battista hypercar worth £ 1.7 million, which uses the Rimac drivetrain, and Swantesson said the main goal of the new management team is to “transfer design to the hands of customers.”

“The production of such high-performance cars requires full attention to detail. Creating a beautiful design is one thing, but we have to promise a lot to our customers and then keep that promise, ”Swantesson said.

In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, the company’s plans changed, but the general director noted that the serial Battista should appear by the end of summer, and the first deliveries are planned to be launched later this year.

Earlier it was reported that the new hypercar will be released in a limited edition, however, according to Swantesson, the demand for the model is high.

Battista aims to serve as a halo for the Pininfarina brand. It will be followed by a series of luxury electric vehicles designed to compete with Ferrari and Lamborghini. The first should be an SUV competing with the Urus, and it should be preliminarily presented as a Pura Vision concept at the end of this year.

Initially, the SUV was configured to use the platform from Rivian, but the connection of the American startup with Amazon completed this transaction. Swantesson said Automobili Pininfarina is in talks with several new partners over platform and transmission technologies.

“The overall plan remains the same, but I cannot promise that the launch cycle will be the same as before,” he said. “We are considering some interesting opportunities, and recently we have been presented with some of them that make us look at the sequence of future models. I can promise that we will not slow down, but accelerate. “

Swantesson refused to name potential partners, but hinted that they included a number of large automobile companies. He suggested that recent changes in the industry “have truly made people more open to sharing and collaborating with technology.”

Like the historic Pininfarina design house, Automobili Pininfarina is owned by the Indian automobile giant Mahindra Group, and Swantesson said his firm has “personal support” from billionaire founder Anand Mahindra, to whom he was initially appointed chief operating officer. He added: “I would never have accepted the challenge, if not for the circumstances. Mahindra has developed this company very strategically. ”