Pininfarina introduced new racing helmets

Pininfarina introduced new racing helmets

December 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In the work on the new project, the Italian bodywork bureau was assisted by specialists from Roux Racings SRL. A feature of the new helmets is water cooling technology.

Pininfarina and Roux first teamed up to develop a new line of helmets – Formula and GT. One of the new products was created specifically for cars with an open cockpit, the second – for riders traveling in cars with a closed cab. New helmets debuted in early December at the Indianapolis International Motor Racing Industry Show (Performance Racing Industry). It is known that Pininfarina plans to release seven versions of helmets with a price tag from 1,200 to 5,000 dollars. This is according to preliminary data. The exact price they promise to call in the spring of 2020.

 Helmets are made of different materials and have different levels of certification.

 Helmets Formula for cars with an open cab are suitable for racing Formula 4 – Formula 1. They were equipped with removable aerodynamic spoilers. GT helmets for cars with a closed cabin are able to control the temperature and have an integrated Roux COOL-X water cooling system, as well as an integrated air port. The water cooling system also boasts Formula helmets.

 The technological features of the new helmets do not end there. The developers took care of special pipes for drinking water and an audio system, which includes a microphone and speakers with noise reduction. Also on the new helmets there is a patented quick-release system in case of emergencies. The construction of Formula and GT helmets meets all required standards, and their appearance is scheduled for next fall. These helmets are suitable for all types of car racing.