Pininfarina changed the design of a powerful Italian supercar

Pininfarina changed the design of a powerful Italian supercar

June 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Electric hypercar Pininfarina Battista received a modified front of the body after aerodynamic tests. Soon, the Italians will begin track testing car

The company Pininfarina introduced a new version of the electric hypercar Battista, which is considered the most powerful serial Italian car. The premiere of the novelty took place in Turin.

The developers have significantly changed the front part of the body of the hypercar after a series of tests in the wind tunnel. Now the car will have to pass tests on the track under the direction of ex-pilot of Formula 1 Nick Heidfeld, who is now playing in the Formula E electric cars championship.

Recall electric hypercar Pininfarina Battista was presented in March 2019 at the Geneva Motor Show. The car was developed in conjunction with the Croatian company Rimac.

Pininfarina Battista is driven by four electric motors developing 1900 liters. with. 2300 Nm of torque. Hypercar is able to accelerate from the spot to the first 100 km/h in two seconds, and acceleration to 300 km / h takes less than 12 seconds. The maximum speed is 350 km per hour.

The company noted that, despite the powerplant borrowed from Rimac, the Battista units have completely different settings with a different acceleration amplitude.

In total, 150 such cars will be built. At the moment, the company has already received 30 preliminary contributions from customers.