Pininfarina Battista hypercar will always be online

Pininfarina Battista hypercar will always be online

November 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The manufacturer calls this a unique offer in the segment

Automobili Pininfarina, owned by Indian conglomerate Mahindra Group, will use Deutsche Telekom equipment in its Battista electric hypercar. This is a modem with a built-in SIM card and activated roaming, which will allow the car to remain connected to the Internet in more than 50 countries.

With the new telecommunications module Pininfarina Battista, all the benefits of OTA (Over-The-Air) technology will be available, the manufacturer said. In real time, the hypercar will be able to update 26 electronic control units, managers of multimedia, power plant and assistance systems, and the Deutsche Telekom algorithm will ensure the connection to the network with the best signal. The service will operate in more than 50 countries – this is a unique offer for the segment.

In addition to maintaining the relevance of the software, the built-in modem will also allow the owner of Battista, using the proprietary application, to remotely lock and unlock the car doors; View battery level and location information. Plus, Smart Diagnostics technology is implemented in the two-door. It recognizes potential problems (those that cannot be fixed with a simple software update) and notifies the mobile engineering team about them.

The Pininfarina Battista, introduced in summer 2019, is powered by four electric motors with a total capacity of 1900 horsepower and 2300 Nm of torque. Acceleration to a hundred in Berlinetta takes 1.9 seconds, and the “maximum speed” is more than 350 kilometers per hour. The battery with a capacity of 120 kilowatt-hours provides a mileage of 450 kilometers without recharging in the WLTP cycle. The power electronics and control software of the hypercar were developed by the Croatian Rimac.