Pietro Fittipaldi: I really want to stay in Haas F1

Pietro Fittipaldi: I really want to stay in Haas F1

December 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Debuting at Haas F1 at the end of last year, Pietro Fittipaldi combined the work of a test pilot with performances in the DTM, and also participated in tests in Barcelona, ​​Bahrain and Abu Dhabi. The young Brazilian does not yet know where he will spend the next season, but hopes to continue cooperation with the American team.

Pietro Fittipaldi: “I really want to stay in Haas F1 – I liked working there. I learned a lot in the first year of cooperation with the Formula 1 team. There are very good and open people here, and no one is hiding anything. If I asked what they think of me, they would answer me immediately. Of course, I would like to stay with them next year, and would also look for opportunities to compete in races.

I am considering not only the DTM, but also other options, in particular, Super Formula – I would like to return to the race of cars with open wheels, because I still want to get into Formula 1. I dream about it and will do my best to achieve goals.

Of course, if I continue to work in Haas F1, I would like to work more closely with this team. I try to earn a super license, but having received it, I would like to become a backup racer. However, we need to move gradually, and I know that next year there will be no tests during the season, so the value of training will increase. Of course, I would like to continue working and do more next year.

I do not have enough four points before the super license, and I need to earn them. This can be done if four trainings are carried out next year, but there are other ways, for example, to play in a championship that allows you to earn points for super license, which is very important for me. ”