Pierre Gusli earned his first points in the season.

Pierre Gusli earned his first points in the season.

April 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The best result of the Red Bull Racing in Bahrain was the fourth place Max Verstappen. His team-mate Pierre Gasli finished eighth, earning the first points of the season …

Max Verstappen (4th): “I believe that today we have achieved the highest possible result. Finishing fourth is not so bad, given the problems with speed, insufficient grip of the rear wheels and strong wind. My car slipped hard, I tried to control the situation, but I don’t think we could have done anything differently.

I piloted at the limit of the capabilities of the machine – in Australia it was driven better, but here it was quite difficult. We almost got to the podium, but for this we needed luck – in terms of sheer speed, we did not deserve a place in the top three. In any case, Charlie was unlucky, but at least he rose to the podium, and I am not disappointed with fourth place.

We still have much to learn about the car. We will return to the base, assess what happened and try to get closer in China. It was not our weekend. ”

Pierre Gusli (8th): “It’s a rather difficult race, and I still feel uncomfortable in the car. As soon as I tried to attack, I had serious problems with rear tires and acceleration.

You need to understand how to get more from the car and feel more comfortable, because now I can not attack. I need to make an effort and adapt. Each machine is unique, and I have to work with the team to find settings that better suit my style of piloting.

Today we saw some positive points. After the start, the car managed better, I was able to finish in the top ten. Now we need to find areas in which we can add. We will continue to work, and I will do everything possible to perform more strongly in China. ”

Christian Horner, Team Leader: “Difficult race in high wind conditions. All weekend we could not get the tires to work – in the race, these problems arose again.

Max played well in the first corner and fought hard, but we just did not have the pace to impose the fight Mercedes or Ferrari. He was not lucky, because he could unexpectedly rise to the podium because of Charles’s problems, but let’s hope that in the future we will have many more finishes in the top three.

Pierre was well piloted, broke through the peloton, finished eighth and earned the first points for the team. He demonstrated his skills by doing several overtakings, which will positively affect his confidence. Departure of the safety car did not allow him to finish higher, although he was fast approaching his rivals. ”