Pierre Gasly sensationally wins Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix

Pierre Gasly sensationally wins Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix

September 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

On lap 27 of the race, the race was interrupted by red flags due to the accident of Charles Leclair. This greatly influenced the further alignment of forces.

On Sunday, September 6, the 8th stage of the season in the Formula 1 car class took place. The race took place on the fastest track in Monza, Italy. At the start, the leadership was confidently retained by Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes, while McLaren pilots Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris took second and third places. The main loser of the start was Valtteri Bottas from Mercedes, who lost 4 positions and finished the first lap in 6th place.

The first lap was not very successful for Max Verstappen of Red Bull, who dropped from 5th to 8th. Already in the first laps because of the failure of the brakes, Sebastian Vettel left the race, but the main events began to unfold after the departure of Kevin Magnussen. The Dane’s car stopped near the entrance to the pit lane, causing the safety car to be released.

However, due to the dangerous location of the car, the entrance to the pit lane was closed, but Lewis Hamilton and Antonio Giovinatsia went to their mechanics, because of which they were punished with a fine in the form of a 10-second stop in the pits. Most of the drivers went for fresh tires, with the exception of Lance Stroll of Racing Point, which put him in second behind Hamilton.

A lap after the restart, Charles Leclair got into a very serious accident in Parabolic – because of the accident, the race management decided to interrupt the race with red flags.
The restart was scheduled for 17:20 Moscow time. This decision was in the hands of Lance Stroll, who was able to change tires without wasting time, as well as Valtteri Bottas, who was helped by mechanics to solve problems with the car. At the restart, Hamilton retained the lead, but after a penalty he became the last with a lag of 30 seconds from the leader.

A brilliant restart came from Pierre Gasly, who took the lead after a Hamilton penalty. Kimi Raikkonen from Alfa Romeo took the second place, and Carlos Sainz added the TOP-3. Lance Stroll failed restart and even after Hamilton’s penalty was only fourth. Soon Carlos Sainz overtook Kimi Raikkonen and gradually began to catch up with Pierre Gasly.

However, the Spaniard could not pass the Frenchman. Thus, Gasley won his first victory in Formula 1. Sainz finished second and Lance Stroll completed the top three. Lando Norris from McLaren finished fourth. Thus, for the legendary British team, this stage has become one of the best in recent years. Valtteri Bottas had an unsuccessful race and finished only fifth. Sixth place was taken by Renault pilot Daniel Riccardo.

Lucy Hamilton made a great break from a penalty and finished in 7th, beating Renault’s Esteban Ocon on the final lap. Closed the TOP-10 Mexican Sergio Perez. After this race, Lewis Hamilton scored 164 points in the overall standings. Valtteri Bottas came in second with 117 points.