Pierre Gasley: A good start to the weekend

Pierre Gasley: A good start to the weekend

September 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Toro Rosso is pleased with Friday’s training in Singapore and hopes to make progress towards qualification …

Pierre Gasley (10th): “A successful first day on the Singapore highway. We tested something, but now we need to work harder to make progress. To get into the top ten in both sessions is a good start to the weekend, we have a good racing pace. A tight fight awaits us in qualification, it is important to do everything right in the evening, so that tomorrow we will guarantee ourselves the best chances. I am comfortable in the car, and it inspires optimism. “

Daniil Kvyat (11th): “Good Friday. We completed the planned program for both sessions, but we know that we need to slightly improve the balance by Saturday. I am pleased with today and I am sure that tomorrow we will be able to better tune the car. You can play more time, we will do our best for this. “

Jonathan Eddolls, chief racing engineer: “Many team members like to come to Singapore – here is an amazing track in the city center and a unique weekend, because we start in the daylight and finish late in the evening, continuing to live according to European time. One of the problems this creates is because the first and third workouts take place during the day, and the qualifications and the race in the evening, the temperature of the track varies greatly. Because of this, the information collected in daytime training loses relevance.

In Singapore, the city highway, here you can play a lot due to the skill of the riders, so we try to give them the opportunity to drive as much as possible and gain confidence.

In the first training session, we conducted aerodynamic tests, and everything went according to plan. Pierre drove the installation circle with aerodynamic sensors. Having collected the necessary information, we focused on working with the balance and monitored the change in the state of the track. In the first training session, we looked very competitive, but before the second session, we adjusted something to prepare for new conditions.

The car was competitive in the first series of circles on a tougher set of rubber, so that everything looked good. But on softer tires there was insufficient understeer, so we could not show everything that rubber is capable of. Now we perfectly understand what needs to be done tomorrow. With a car with empty tanks, more can be achieved, but we have good speed with full tanks. ”

Toyoharu Tanabe, Honda Technical Director: “All four of our cars were in the top ten in the first training session in Singapore, both teams were competitive in the second session, where you can collect more useful information, because the conditions on the track are similar to those that we will see in the qualification and race. This is a good start to the weekend, and we hope to continue in the same vein in qualifying. ”