Pierre Amlin: We do not give newcomers the freedom to choose

Pierre Amlin: We do not give newcomers the freedom to choose

April 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

After three stages of the season, Alexander Elbon takes the 13th line in the individual championship standings, gaining three points. In a much more experienced Daniel Quyta, his partner in Toro Rosso, while it is exactly three times less.

Of course, the Russian rider was not very lucky in the two previous stages, but the fact remains, especially since Elbon was also twice faster in qualifications.

Last year, a 23-year-old native of London, acting under a Thai license, signed a contract with the factory team Nissan, serving in the Formula E, and everything went to the fact that from F2 he will go to the world championship on racing electric cars. But he so confidently spent the ending of the season in Formula 2, that he was invited to Toro Rosso, although Alex had no experience piloting F1 cars at all.


It is not surprising that, unlike the other two debutants of the season, Lando Norris and George Russell, who had not once worked on tests, in general, everything had to start from scratch.

“The Formula 1 car has such a clutch of wheels with the track, such accelerating dynamics, that you have to change the style of piloting,” shared Elbon. – You must resist overloads, especially during braking and acceleration, because potentially so you can play a lot of time.

You can play time in places that I would not even pay attention to. Even if you take your foot off the gas one meter later, it already allows you to play something, which is not happening in youth formulas. ”

Perhaps, Toro Rosso is the most suitable team for the debut in Formula 1, because there they are able to work with young riders and help them gain experience. Pierre Amlin, racing engineer of Elbon, previously collaborated with Daniel Kvyat and Brandon Hartley, and, according to him, in the team they know which approaches to use in working with beginners.

“I think we can do more for this than other teams, because we are ready for such work. Our team was originally created for this, – said Amlin. – We are accustomed to the fact that we have young riders and debutants. The way we work, how to prepare for the race, even the documentation and the tools that we use are specifically designed to help the rider gain speed. “

Therefore, Elbon’s pre-season training program was carefully planned, and over the course of several months he studied technical literature starting with instructions for the steering wheel of the Toro Rosso.

“We do not give newcomers a special freedom of choice, because if you start to do this, they will use it and do everything in their own way,” commented Amlin. – Usually, we clearly set the task: “This is what you have to deal with.”

There are many little things on which a lot depends, and the study of the theory is a difficult part of the process, so in winter, when he had time to prepare, we gave him the task to do it in theory. ”

However, it is clear that no theory, no sports regulations and information about the location of the buttons and switches on the steering wheel made the strongest impression on Alexander Elbon, but what he experienced when he first got behind the wheel of a Toro Rosso car on tests in Barcelona.

“Of course, he was struck by speed,” Amlin said. – She made a strong impression on Alex, although he moved from F2. His comments after the first arrival were: “Wow! This car is really very fast! ”